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I'm a writer, performer, drag king, sock puppeteer, and occasional burlesque dancer. Also triathlete and x-c skier.

It’s free!

In celebration of Hump day I’m making my story ‘HSIT free on! Follow this link: and download the story to any e-reader. There is much more steamy content to come, with exclusive pictures and content too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Tiny rant

I’m at war with the idea that violence is acceptable but sex is not. That a woman’s body can be used to sell a car or cleaning products, that a man can be beaten bloody for entertainment, and yet pleasure between two people is obscene. That is all.

No Need to Call Love…

Just a sweet little fic fix. No kink, just girls and a little romance. This will look familiar to some of you who read my blog years ago when I was just tapping away and writing fan fic, but I thought I’d bring it out of retirement just for fun. 🙂

No Need to Call Love….

Ally sidled up behind Hannah quietly and leaned over.

“What are you working on?” she asked, letting her breath tickle the fine hairs next to Hannah’s ear. The action made Hannah’s frustration finally break like a wave over her. The dark side, the side she hid behind the easy going demeanor roiled to the surface.

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What would happen? (From ‘98)

What would happen?

…If I crowded you as we spoke?

If I pressed you to the wall and held your hair

And kissed you

If my hand found yours and held it firmly up by your ear

If you found my back with your other arm and pulled me closer

Closer until you felt the doorframe dig into your shoulder

If you ran your fingers down my sides, press in your palms and push me down

If I look up eyes wide,
Teeth clenched,

Would you take me into your hands?
And give your lips to my forehead, temple, cheek…and mouth?

Consuming my senses?
If I took hold of your shirt, would you resist?
Giving your lips but nothing else?

And if I beg you


To feel you closer

To feel your body imprinting itself on mine

And your hand creeping into my jeans,

If you heard my moan

I want to know,
I need to know,

What would happen … next?