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My Nerdy Girl

Just a little something silly… 🙂
Courtesy of Bad Grrrl Productions

My Nerdy Girl

She’s got a STEM degree and she’s got her eye on me like I’m new biology

We’ve got chemistry

But it’s her mind for numbers and theory

that make my heart race,

When we’re near,
she whispers postulates in my ear

In any angle my base is hers
Whenever she’s geometrically inclined
She’s my hypotenuse

We can’t lose

She has blinded me with science

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Ode to the Fingerprint on My Left Middle Finger


O fingerprint on my left middle finger

I have abused you,

and used you,

and yet your loops and swirls have ever returned

You have been burned




bitten and yet

Through all, you stay attached

The power you wield can’t be matched

you make me unique

It’s true

I wouldn’t be entirely me without you

and you are all I witness

when I’m cut off in traffic

and I seek

a means

to question another’s driving fitness

O fingerprint on my left middle finger,

Nothing could ever replace thee!

The only way it could be better,
Is of you, I had two!