Incorrigible & Intimate Press Kit


Fox Smoulder Desktop Wallpaper 800X600
Fox Smoulder Desktop Wallpaper 800X600
This album confirms the power of erotic poetry spoken in a woman’s voice. It is a love affair with both the spoken word and what it is to be one who desires women. Lust, longing, exultant and quiet, this album explores desire and love in many forms.


Fox has been performing burlesque and drag for 15 years all over Minneapolis, and writing poetry for nearly twice as long, so adding spicy, sexy poetry was not a big stretch. While entertaining both poetry and burlesque fans alike in live shows, queries began to come in about when a book might be published. Fox decided to respond with a spoken word album instead. “The power of poetry given voice can make us laugh, cry, be angry or remorseful, but mostly it can make us think. Just because I add an erotic element to my work does not make it any less thought provoking or meaningful. We all want to feel sexy, desired, and beautiful too. Never discount that which also makes us feel good inside. I want my work to add depth to the range of emotions embodied in the live poetry movement.” – Fox



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Contact Information:

Fox Smoulder Entertainment




An interview with Monica Millsap Rasmussen:

Fox Smoulder on Rhymes, Self Expression, and a New Genre of Erotica

Fox in podcast form!

Click to hear Fox’s poem on Rose Caraway’s Kiss Me Quick Erotic Stories Podcast

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