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Kindle edition of Epic Con-tent is out

Fox's new Anthology!
Fox’s new Anthology!

Just in time to perk you up from the winter chill. The anthology edition of my sexy, saucy stories is filled with a few stories from my blog, but mostly originals you can’t read anywhere else!

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What Do You Like? (NSFW)

A kinky little tidbit. This is a teaser of a two parter.


What Do You Like?

“But what do YOU like Taylor?” Gina asked, over the plate, the chair and the table that was slightly askew. She liked to push me, this tall, fierce woman. She was lean but not skinny, the muscles in her legs were defined and her ass… Oh man. Nothing could pull my eyes off of her ass as she walked. The only advantage I had was my height. I was taller than she, and more butch, but she had a way about her that didn’t allow my usual advantages to hold sway. “You clearly illustrate all of the ways you like to fuck, make love with and generally make women swoon in your writing, but what do you want?”

“Umm…” I responded, deliberately stalling. It should have been an easy question to answer. Just all the things I like to do to another woman, that I like done to me too.  But it depends on the woman. Looking her up and down I tried to measure, was this woman curious enough? Confident enough? Was she flexible enough, both physically and mentally?

She leaned forward like a conspirator. If she were an animal her ears would have been pricked toward me, and that predatory gaze would mean I was her next lunch. Yes, I think she meets the criteria, and there was no guarantee I wasn’t going to be her lunch.

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‘SNAP’ – A Sequel to Click

If you haven’t read ‘Click’ you can find it here: https://foxsmoulder.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/click/


She relaxed above me and looked me in the eyes. I rattled the cuff. My wrist was firmly attached to the bedpost and I was going nowhere. Not that I wanted to leave. Continue reading ‘SNAP’ – A Sequel to Click


Epic Con-tent NSFW

Our friendship had an immediate depth, though we couldn’t agree on why. For some reason we just got each other. I think it was the fact that we shared dreams, in slightly different genres. It’s amazing how quickly two women can bond by geeking out. And how quickly that discussion can turn to sex.

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I promised a bit of fiction on this blog and here it is… it’s NSFW explicit, specific, erotic and features two women. For more specifics read the tags. If this is you’re thing then please, find a quiet place and clicky through 😉

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