No Need to Call Love…

Just a sweet little fic fix. No kink, just girls and a little romance. This will look familiar to some of you who read my blog years ago when I was just tapping away and writing fan fic, but I thought I’d bring it out of retirement just for fun. 🙂

No Need to Call Love….

Ally sidled up behind Hannah quietly and leaned over.

“What are you working on?” she asked, letting her breath tickle the fine hairs next to Hannah’s ear. The action made Hannah’s frustration finally break like a wave over her. The dark side, the side she hid behind the easy going demeanor roiled to the surface.

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‘SNAP’ – A Sequel to Click

If you haven’t read ‘Click’ you can find it here:


She relaxed above me and looked me in the eyes. I rattled the cuff. My wrist was firmly attached to the bedpost and I was going nowhere. Not that I wanted to leave. Continue reading ‘SNAP’ – A Sequel to Click