If You Ask (NSFW)

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If You Ask

If you ask, “Do you want to?”

And add, “Right now, let’s go.”

I may say, “No.

Can we share a table first?”

‘Cos even a good fuck,
Is better when I know you enough to care,
If only for those few hours we’re there,
Skin to skin
Until the sun,
Has risen,

Or set

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You disrupt me
Corrupt me
Come closer to me and say my name

Tip the balance of my desire

So I can’t hide it anymore

Let me lean against you
And feel muscles tired and sore
Your hands taking still more

Pain and pleasure mingling
Into bliss

And your kiss,
Shattering my soul

Be my distraction
Gaining traction
In my mind and dreams

Until it seems

Reality is just the figment
And the imaginary becomes real

In you

Bind me to your bed,
Bind me in my mind
Blind me to your ways and
Show me what it is to be


Thrill me
As you do what you will with me,
Take me with only your voice
You give me no choice
As you slip inside

And wax

Your eyes glittering in the candlelight
As the flame trickles down my body
And leaves patterns on my flesh

That I will secret away for days

Your ways
Will never become routine
But for now
In this scene
Make me scream your Name


Some of you boys think you have it so rough,


Being attracted to women you just don’t understand

Her make up,
What makes her tick
When you tock

You say to me “you’re a lesbian
– tell me
– explain to me
Share your lesbionic wisdom and prowess

Then you say, “I’m a lesbian in a man’s body, I’ll understand.”


There is no such thing as a lesbian in a man’s body,
And I’ll tell you why.

No matter how many manly tears you shed,
No matter how many sunsets,
Back rubs that don’t lead to sex
Or walks holding hands,

You will never know

When you wrap your hot lips around the peak of her breast,
Nibble and suck
Listening to her moan

You will never know

When you go down on her,
Take her inside your mouth
Parting her folds,
Caressing her flesh

Tasting her essence,

You – will – never – know

what it’s like to have that same unfathomable,


ungovernable feeling you elicit in her,

inside of you.

© Fox Smoulder

I am a Woman

Photo Credit: Alexander Sloan at the Little Tijuana's publicity shoot 2013 Bad Grrrl Productions
Photo Credit: Alexander Sloan at the Little Tijuana’s publicity shoot 2013 Bad Grrrl Productions

I am a woman,

My muscles are defined, but they don’t define me

My hair is short,

And I just smile at the conflict your eyes

when your “Can I help you sir…or ma’am…or sir…” trails off.

Because I am a woman,

When you say “You’d look so pretty if you tried.”

You tell me you aren’t looking at all.

And when you say women wear dresses,

And you say women paint their nails

And women have ponytails,

You tell me you don’t perceive women for what we are, but what we do.

Because I do none of these things and

I am a woman,

I am unmitigated,



Freely me

Because I am a woman,

My skin is soft,

My lips are warm,

And when I make love to her, the cry of a woman passes my lips

I am the sound, taste, feel and smell of a woman,

However you see me, whatever you think you see does not change the immutable,

I am a woman

And now that you’re told

don’t you fucking forget it.