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San Francisco Wrap-up! The #aFoxalypse2015

Can I rave a bit?


San Francisco was great!

The Red Hots Burlesque show at Beatbox on Wednesday was fantastic. Great cast, professional venue, and fun audience. I highly recommend checking out one of their shows if you are in the Bay Area.

Fox at Red Hots!
Fox at Red Hots!
Red Hot mic check!
Red Hot mic check!

Thursday I mucked around San Francisco proper. Mostly at the Fisherman’s Wharf. I checked out the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien. It’s pretty amazing how they’ve kept the ship in running order for 72 years. The thing was built to last!IMG_5923



And Sea Lions!


Then there are the Greenwich Stairs of Telegraph Hill… You know me, if it’s hard I have to try it out. Three hundred and seventy-eight stairs. Took me 10 minutes up, and after checking out Coit Tower, 6 minutes down…

Greenwich Stairs
Greenwich Stairs


And hangin with my friend at the White Horse Inn, the oldest gay bar in San Francisco!

White Horse Inn
White Horse Inn

Being wild at heart I took a drive on Friday and visited Big Basin State park then made my way over to Half Moon Bay. I have no words for how beautiful the mountains, Sequoias, and Ocean are. Here’s a few pics that may give you a sense.



SATURDAY was my big day. My first hosting of an erotic poetry open mic. We had a few poets and I peppered in my own work. The event took place at Wicked Grounds, San Francisco’s bdsm coffee joint. Me and them, nice fit eh?  I was impressed with the poetic talent on display. A good time was had by all! I also have the feeling there may be other hosting gigs in my future.

Counting Calories at Wicked Grounds!
Counting Calories at Wicked Grounds!

And present @Gerbilfluff with the award for best twitter poem in the #aFoxalypse contest! Congrats The Gerbil!

Learning a little blues fusion dance later that evening was something too. Hi to the ever so patient people I met and danced with into the small hours that evening! *waves* You all made my night!

Sunday I had a good chunk of time to check out a bit more of the city. Haight-Ashbury, the botanical gardens, the AIDS memorial grove, and the Golden Gate at sunset were all showstoppers in their own ways.

AIDS Memorial Grove
AIDS Memorial Grove
AIDS Memorial Groves
AIDS Memorial Groves
Fox trumpet in an Angel's Trumpet
Fox trumpet in an Angel’s Trumpet
The Haight-Ashbury intersection
The Haight-Ashbury intersection
No words!

Add to all that coolness, my host TeaseBlossom and her partner who were warm and welcoming and I thank them sincerely. It was through their hospitality that I was able to make the trip. I hope to see them again!

So there is the wrap up for all those random travel pictures I’ve been peppering my social media with for the last week! I am by no means done performing for the summer, but I’ll be staying local. My next show is at the Mounds Theater in St Paul for the Top Drawer Burlesque Expo.

Top Drawer 2015
Top Drawer 2015

More info on that soon!



The #aFoxalypse Summer continues – San Francisco edition

My Foxy ass will be seducing the left coast this July! San Francisco is where I’ll land on July 8th with my tail held high, but the main event will be at 7pm, July 11th at Wicked Grounds, San Francisco’s own BDSM coffee shop. Seriously, can you think of a better venue for me? There I’ll be hosting A Night of Perverse Poetry Open Mic. So if you’re in the area, bring your sexy chapbooks and dirty napkin scribbles to share, or come out to hear other peoples’ perverse verse!

You know you want to come ;)
You now you want to come 😉


You can stay up to date and get more info on the Facebook event here: A Night of Perverse Poetry

And while you’re there, like my fan page for more announcements on upcoming shows in San Francisco and beyond

Or watch the #aFoxalypseSummer hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

ND fun!

Had a fantastic time in my first ND show with Bad Weather Burlesque last night! So much fun hanging with Enchanting Erica and company!

I highly recommend the next time you’re in Fargo that you look this crew up!

fatal attraction

And I’m so tickled to be on the poster that I selfied with it.. >_>




B.J. Armani, last night’s MC, has acquired me as a surprise guest at B.J. Armani’s Cabaret in Grand Forks tonight!

bj armanis vday showClick here for the FB link!

So Grand Forks, I AM IN YOU! And you are my Valentine! I have some poetry and puppetry for you!




The Art of Burlesque Podcast erotic poetry spot!

The Art of Burlesque Podcast by Mercury Stardust  will be live next week and my Foxy poetry has a regular spot in it! The first episode includes interviews with special guests Tigger! and Moxie Rhodes, with burlesque tips by Hussy Hautepants.  Go check out the fan page and give it a like to stay informed of release dates and more shows. The art of Burl

Edit: It’s up! Click here for the Art of Burlesque

Art of Burlesque Podcast Facebook fan page

CD release party! All the Giddy Goodness!

CD cover

The CD release party for Incorrigible & Intimate is right around the corner!  Start the year off with a bang on January 16th at 8pm in Grumpy’s Bar Downtown. There, you will have the chance to:

Take in a show of poetic burlesquey proportions! Melora Moxie, Sarah Holiday, Da Black Pearll, Paul Canada and Me!

Meet the artist (Me)

Pick up a copy of the album ($10 cash or credit, free magnet of the album cover with every album purchased. If you already bought it online, just show me the album playlist on your device and you’ll get a free magnet too!)

Stickers.. because… stickers!

Here are the event links if you want to stay informed of new developments, maps and other stuff!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/748801951861551/

G+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/events/cnpg50dpla2gqe4mqjtbr8uhpu4

Kindle edition of Epic Con-tent is out

Fox's new Anthology!
Fox’s new Anthology!

Just in time to perk you up from the winter chill. The anthology edition of my sexy, saucy stories is filled with a few stories from my blog, but mostly originals you can’t read anywhere else!

Click here!


And if you like what you read, leave a Kindle review!


Thankful I’m a Woman


I am a woman who doesn’t own a dress

I am woman and I can’t stress

How much I need to confess

That I can fix a drain and kill the spiders, but I still like to be held from time to time

And being treated like a petty girl in bed on occasion is sublime

Even dirty,

Cos I’m masculine of center but only just
I’m right in the middle and I feel I must

Bust the crust of this dichotomy just to be me

And free

I am a woman redefined, coloring outside the lines of genderly pictures people have in their minds

You can call me Butch, that’s fine, he she thee ze they

As long as you’re being kind

And sometimes this poem might be the only sign you get

But don’t fret,

Cos I’m a woman.