Foxy Tale Sales

CD cover

The sexy poetry is HERE!

A year of work culminates in an album which I share my sexy poetic soliloquies with you for your aural satisfaction. 😉 You can find it for download on Amazon and iTunes, or here at

Buy it here at CD Baby!

or here on iTunes: Incorrigible & Intimate

I also have many shows coming up and will have physical CDs on hand along with a free magnet with every disc!

My author page on is also up! Foxy goodness for your e-reader!

Fox's new Anthology!
Fox’s new Anthology!

This isn’t the lips barely brushing, girls cumming after one stroke kind of lesbian erotica. Fox Smoulder writes stories about strap on sex, spanking, light bondage, pegging and in one story, has even thrown in a bottom male for variety. Then there is the title piece that comes with bonus extra pics from the cover shoot. This is the wildness of queer ladies’ sex in short story format, all for you.

For Epic Con-tent the Anthology on Smashwords click here!

For the Kindle edition click here!

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