A quick little dirty read for your Saturday:

She grabbed my open collar with both hands and swung me to the wall. I felt the thump reverberate through my body even as I felt the edges of her teeth against the peak of my breast. She bit hard enough to hurt, but not enough to break skin. I gasped and pushed against her shoulders, forcing her back. Then I took her by the sides and nearly threw her to the bed. She’s a fierce little blond, but I’m bigger, more butch and I don’t give in that easy. I pounce into the sheets after her and pin her down, spreading her thighs with my own and feeling the wetness soaking through her panties against my skin.

I blew a brown lock of hair out of my eyes. It fell right back down again so I tossed my head to get it off my face. I only lost eye contact with her for a millisecond, but that’s all she needed to catch me off guard and flip me over. I landed with a surprised “ooph” and she had me pinned, her hands on my wrists. Her face hovered inches over mine, but she kept her lips just out of reach.

I licked my own lips and studied her. Lean and powerful, her breasts a perfect palm-full, reddish-blond hair spilling over shoulders to her freckle dusted cheeks, her eyes two points of green light in an otherwise dark world. She leaned down and brushed my lips with hers. My heart leapt and I deepened the kiss.

She let one of my hands go and trickled light fingers down my side as I reached up and cupped her cheek, tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, and traced down her body. Sneaking under her panties I sighed when my fingers met the wet heat just inside of her. She gasped and moaned and pressed down so I could penetrate further, then her whole body stilled except for her hips rocking gently.

When I heard the ‘CLICK’ it was too late, my wrist was chained securely to the bedpost, and a sly grin spread across her face as she came.

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