I Don’t Have a Poem About a Penis

The text for the new poem I shared tonight at the Wordsprout Erotc Poetry Slam at Kieren’s: 

I don’t have a poem about a penis
I don’t need or want a cock

If I want to pack I just use a sock
And sex with men… was lackluster
I’d much rather filibuster 

With other women.
When I touch her, 

Take care of her vulvular region…

Lapping her labia 

Caressing her clit

Munching her mound,
Until she’s spread wide, 

Welcoming me inside 

There isn’t a man anywhere near

They all could just disappear,
Don’t get me wrong, 

I’m not yucking anyone’s yum

Dicks just don’t make me cum

Everyone has their ideas of fun,

It’s just that my ideas don’t apply

If they involve a guy.
So I don’t have a poem about a penis.