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The album is still here!
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I Don’t Have a Poem About a Penis

The text for the new poem I shared tonight at the Wordsprout Erotc Poetry Slam at Kieren’s: 

I don’t have a poem about a penis
I don’t need or want a cock

If I want to pack I just use a sock
And sex with men… was lackluster
I’d much rather filibuster 

With other women.
When I touch her, 

Take care of her vulvular region…

Lapping her labia 

Caressing her clit

Munching her mound,
Until she’s spread wide, 

Welcoming me inside 

There isn’t a man anywhere near

They all could just disappear,
Don’t get me wrong, 

I’m not yucking anyone’s yum

Dicks just don’t make me cum

Everyone has their ideas of fun,

It’s just that my ideas don’t apply

If they involve a guy.
So I don’t have a poem about a penis. 


Twitter contest #aFoxalypse

Tweet #aFoxalypse and your best flash erotic, pervy, Twitter poetry for the chance to win a free cd! 1 rule, it has to turn you on! I’ll be watching from San Francisco and decide on the best on 6/11. The best will also be read at my event at Wicked Grounds! 

(Participation indicates your consent for your work and Twitter handle to be read aloud at the event and retweeted!) 

#aFoxalypse Summer continues!  


The Next Ep of The Art Of Burlesque is Up!

The art of Burlesque

Raven Boylesque and Jeez Louise are on this week’s episode. Along with segments from Hussy Hautepants and Fox Smoulder.

Mercury Stardust’s weekly interview this week is with Jeez Loueez the Honey Badger of Burlesque.. Along with an amazing interview with the well spoken and artistic Raven, the original Mr. Boylesque of Australia. Also some erotic poetry from Fox Smoulder, burlesque tips from Hussy Hautepants and the controversial thought of the week with Mercury Stardust.

Click here to Listen!

And it’s up!

The art of Burlesque

Click here!

From the Facebook page: “The first Episode of the Art of Burlesque is a full one! The original king of Boylesque, Tigger! talks with Mercury about the start of his career as well as his thoughts on Boylesque. Moxie Rhodes chats with Mercury on her start as a burlesque performer as well as The Iowa Burlesque Festival. Along with Erotic poetry from Fox Smoulder, burlesque tips from Hussy Hautepants and the controversial thought of the week with Mercury Stardust.”

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FARGO PEOPLE! Find a sitter and lock up your animals! I’m coming for you!

fatal attraction

Lookit! I’m coming your way in two weeks. Are you ready to get Foxed? This is your chance to see me live and pick up a copy of my CD if you haven’t already bought it on iTunes or Amazon! If you have already bought a digital copy, just show it to me on your device and you still get a free magnet!

CD cover

(And yes I’ll sign it for you 😉

Click here of the Facebook event page for FATAL ATTRACTION: A Bad Weather Burlesque Valentine!

The Art of Burlesque Podcast erotic poetry spot!

The Art of Burlesque Podcast by Mercury Stardust  will be live next week and my Foxy poetry has a regular spot in it! The first episode includes interviews with special guests Tigger! and Moxie Rhodes, with burlesque tips by Hussy Hautepants.  Go check out the fan page and give it a like to stay informed of release dates and more shows. The art of Burl

Edit: It’s up! Click here for the Art of Burlesque

Art of Burlesque Podcast Facebook fan page

All the Foxy yips!