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The Art of Burlesque Podcast erotic poetry spot!

The Art of Burlesque Podcast by Mercury Stardust  will be live next week and my Foxy poetry has a regular spot in it! The first episode includes interviews with special guests Tigger! and Moxie Rhodes, with burlesque tips by Hussy Hautepants.  Go check out the fan page and give it a like to stay informed of release dates and more shows. The art of Burl

Edit: It’s up! Click here for the Art of Burlesque

Art of Burlesque Podcast Facebook fan page

Fox on KFAI

Catch me with the Deadbeats Theater on KFAI’s WAVE Project in “The Pride of Mozambique”! It is archived for the next two weeks!  🙂 Go to: And click on December 7th