‘SNAP’ – A Sequel to Click

If you haven’t read ‘Click’ you can find it here: https://foxsmoulder.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/click/


She relaxed above me and looked me in the eyes. I rattled the cuff. My wrist was firmly attached to the bedpost and I was going nowhere. Not that I wanted to leave. I raised my eyebrow and smiled, then I pushed up my hips so the strap on pressed inside her just a little further. Her eyes drifted shut and she sighed happily.

She lounged this way for a moment in the quiet room. I could smell how wet she still was, and it made my mouth water. She reached down and pinched my nipple so hard that I let out a small whine. She held it long enough that it burned and flushed from white to an angry red when she released it. I watched as she kissed it, then kissed her way to the other one and nibbled at it gently. My head drifted to the pillow and I relaxed letting her warm mouth caress me while her hips began to rock over me again.

I felt her grip on my wrist and her weight shift. I tried to fight a little but she had better leverage. I didn’t stand a chance.


“But I want to touch you,” I said tugging at the new cuff.  I was chained to both bedposts now, completely at her whim.

“Touch me with your lips and your tongue then,” she responded.

“How?” I inquired. “You’re over there and I’m chained here.”

She dismounted me and slipped the buckles on the harness loose. I sighed as she pulled it away and tossed it aside.

“I’m going to fuck you with that,” she said offhandedly. “But later.”

I suppressed a smile, eager to find out what we would do until then. “I’ll look forward to it,” I quipped.

“Yea?” Her eyes shone, and I could tell her lips were holding back a secret that desperately wanted out, but instead of telling me her mind, she crouched there like a wild animal assessing her prey.

I wanted to pounce on her before she pounced me, so I tugged harder at my restraints and whined. “Let me go and you won’t regret it.”

“I have no doubt,” the sly smile returned as she said it, and she yanked the pillow out from behind my head.  “Later though.”

She crept up the bed, stalking me, running her fingers up and down my torso as if she couldn’t decide where to go first. I licked my lips in anticipation, and felt a trickle of moisture between my legs. I wanted her in anyway she saw fit. But then she turned away.

“Hey,” I objected. “I…” but I shut my mouth abruptly as she threw a knee over my head. Her pussy was inches away, but just out of reach. She knew it too. She looked down at me through the space between her legs, and watched me pull at my bonds, trying to bridge the distance.

“You want that?” she asked quietly, sounding almost vulnerable.

I stopped struggling and nodded. “Very much,” I said breathlessly.

She leaned over and sucked at my clit. The heat of her mouth enveloped me and I moaned, “Please yes please.”

She stopped and drew away, looking back at me again, “You want that too?”

“Please,” I gasped and nodded again, watching her as she wiggled above me, wet and wanton.

She leaned down and buried her face in me, making me groan with pleasure. “You’re selfish,” she said, her voice muffled. I nodded silently, panting for breath. Then her legs shifted and I stretched to meet her as she lowered herself on top of me. “You’re a selfish girl,” she moaned as my tongue rolled over her clit and pulled it into my mouth.

“Yes,” I agreed. I was selfish. I wanted her, all of her, and every bit of attention she would give me back too.

She pressed her fingers into me and I moaned into her as she lapped faster. I lapped faster in response and I heard her sigh. The orgasm inside me was building rapidly and I held my breath, trying to wait. I lost myself in her scent and taste for a moment, but she began fucking me harder and it wasn’t long until I cried out. My back flexed and jerked me against my restraints as I came. I noticed her taste change as she shuddered and joined me.

After a moment she stilled and pressed down so I could take a few final laps, then she shifted to the side. I missed her touch, but I also couldn’t feel my thumbs. She seemed to anticipate this and already had the key in the right cuff to release me.

“Ohhh yea,” I sighed when I got my left hand back and rubbed them together to get the circulation back. “That was wonderful, but I don’t know that I could stand it much longer than that.”

“I’m not done with you though,” she said, turning away from the bed and crossing the room to her bag.

“Oh?” I asked. I felt the nerves in my stomach dance. She had this way about her, thinking five steps ahead, and I loved every second of it.

“Turn over,” she said without turning around. She was preparing something, but I couldn’t see what. I complied, shoving the pillow aside and facing the wooden headboard with my arms up under my chin. I had trusted her this far, and she hadn’t hurt me yet. I was just thinking how comfortable I was getting with her when I felt her hand on the middle of my back pressing and holding me down.

I heard the ‘SNAP’ before I felt the sting and gasped. Excitement surged, my adrenaline spiked and any notion of easy post coital relaxation was forgotten in the next:



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