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Every Girl Should Have a Poem

Courtesy of Allison Broeren
Courtesy of Allison Broeren


Every girl should have a poem

or a song,

to know she’s touched a heart so deep


She dances through my words,

spinning sideways into phrases that aren’t even hers as I sleep

I can’t leave her behind.

I look everywhere and find her eyes.

I change the color of hair, scent, style,

She still finds a way in.

Slimming between paragraphs

she telegraphs

a twitch of a lip

or a finger slip down my page.

In time

I may forget her,

regret her

but for now

I let her

write herself through me


Every girl should have a poem.


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She grabbed my open collar with both hands and swung me to the wall. I felt the thump reverberate through my body even as I felt the edges of her teeth against the peak of my breast. She bit hard enough to hurt, but not enough to break skin. Continue reading Click

What would happen? (From ‘98)

What would happen?

…If I crowded you as we spoke?

If I pressed you to the wall and held your hair

And kissed you

If my hand found yours and held it firmly up by your ear

If you found my back with your other arm and pulled me closer

Closer until you felt the doorframe dig into your shoulder

If you ran your fingers down my sides, press in your palms and push me down

If I look up eyes wide,
Teeth clenched,

Would you take me into your hands?
And give your lips to my forehead, temple, cheek…and mouth?

Consuming my senses?
If I took hold of your shirt, would you resist?
Giving your lips but nothing else?

And if I beg you


To feel you closer

To feel your body imprinting itself on mine

And your hand creeping into my jeans,

If you heard my moan

I want to know,
I need to know,

What would happen … next?



You disrupt me
Corrupt me
Come closer to me and say my name

Tip the balance of my desire

So I can’t hide it anymore

Let me lean against you
And feel muscles tired and sore
Your hands taking still more

Pain and pleasure mingling
Into bliss

And your kiss,
Shattering my soul

Be my distraction
Gaining traction
In my mind and dreams

Until it seems

Reality is just the figment
And the imaginary becomes real

In you

Bind me to your bed,
Bind me in my mind
Blind me to your ways and
Show me what it is to be


Thrill me
As you do what you will with me,
Take me with only your voice
You give me no choice
As you slip inside

And wax

Your eyes glittering in the candlelight
As the flame trickles down my body
And leaves patterns on my flesh

That I will secret away for days

Your ways
Will never become routine
But for now
In this scene
Make me scream your Name


I don’t kiss


I’ve been chased for a kiss and kissed in a peck

But my kisses

Are never-


Because it’s not really a kiss,

If you can’t taste,

The person you’re holding to you

as your lips form and give,

parting as tongues plunder,

stealing the air from the other and

just hold tight and moan in short breaths,

Sharing light caresses

Until lips meet again for another.

Never waste

The chance to let go and explore another’s soul

Because a kiss can be nothing at all,

Or the whole truth of who a person is,

But how would you ever know?

If you kiss