No Need to Call Love…

Just a sweet little fic fix. No kink, just girls and a little romance. This will look familiar to some of you who read my blog years ago when I was just tapping away and writing fan fic, but I thought I’d bring it out of retirement just for fun. 🙂

No Need to Call Love….

Ally sidled up behind Hannah quietly and leaned over.

“What are you working on?” she asked, letting her breath tickle the fine hairs next to Hannah’s ear. The action made Hannah’s frustration finally break like a wave over her. The dark side, the side she hid behind the easy going demeanor roiled to the surface.

 “Ally,” she said breathlessly as she turned and stood, fixing Ally with a look that would liquefy glass. “I won’t control myself if you continue doing that. I will press you against those shelves and kiss you. I will take your curls in my hand and nip at your neck, your ear, and along the exposed skin down to where your shirt is fastened until-you-are-begging-me to go further…  Is that what you want?”

Ally was surprised, but not entirely. She knew she had been teasing the other woman mercilessly and yet giving her mixed signals. Now under the full heat of Hannah’s gaze, she licked her lips and swallowed as her mouth went dry. She did want that.

Hannah strode forward into Ally’s personal space, the raven-haired woman was shorter but Ally was still cowed. “I asked you a question Ally,” Hannah purred, her eyes softening. Ally felt as if the other woman were stealing her oxygen. Her heart thumped as Hannah drew near. They had never stood so close, face-to-face.

“Is-that-what-you-want?” Hannah leaned forward and repeated her question into Ally’s lips, her voice so low and soft Ally could barely hear it.

The air around them was charged. Ally only resisted a moment. Then, before she could finish her nod, Hannah’s lips crashed against hers. Ally gasped into those soft lips and she felt Hannah’s body press her back the two steps to the rack behind them. They leaned into each other hard, keeping each other upright and feeling soft curves shift and strong muscle flex.

Hannah’s thigh spread Ally’s knees apart and pressed into her center and Ally’s hips bucked against it unbidden. Hannah’s hand was in her hair when her lips left Ally’s mouth and tasted every exposed bit of skin they could find all the way down to where Ally’s shirt was buttoned.

“Please,” Ally heard herself whisper. “Please take it off.”

Her body trembled as Hannah released each button slowly. Then Hannah looked back up, deep into Ally’s eyes. They were alone, everyone was off on their different projects. Hannah raised her hand and trickled her fingertips down Ally’s torso from her collarbone to her belt. Ally bit her lower lip and mewled.

“Are you sure?” Hannah thought she knew the answer, but she still needed to ask, hoping against hope Ally wouldn’t succumb to a sudden attack of nerves.

“Please,” Ally whispered again, leaning in for another desperate kiss. Hannah nipped her bottom lip and pulled away. Her hands reached up and pressed to both sides of Ally’s chest, then traveled over her shoulders, taking the shirt with them and letting it drop down Ally’s arms.  Following another arc her hands found Ally’s breasts, kneading the tender flesh with her palms through the satin of her bra. Ally pressed against her, her body screaming to be touched more. Hannah’s lips obliged Ally’s unspoken desire and roamed down her neck, over her shoulders, and across her stomach.

Each kiss, each touch was followed by a nibble or a lick, and by the time Hannah made her way back up to her mouth Ally’s skin felt overheated and her knees were weak.  Hannah kissed her lips more gently this time, but more deeply too. Ally moaned as her tongue passed Hannah’s lips, tasting the woman before her for the first time. Her hands moved down Hannah’s back and took hold of the smaller woman’s butt pulling them together closer still.

“We should – take this somewhere,” Ally panted against Hannah’s mouth.

“Perhaps a bed?” Hannah pulled away a fraction and looked into Ally’s eyes.

Ally nodded, her need finally overpowering all the rational thought responsible for the mixed signals. That she wanted to have sex with a co-worker and with a woman (which was uncommon for her) didn’t matter, because it was Hannah, and Hannah had taken her breath away from the moment they met.

The woman herself took a step back and grasped Ally’s hand. As she picked up Ally’s shirt she said, “Let us go then.”


 As Ally drove she got more and more nervous, but tried not to show it.  She thought she was doing pretty well until Hannah reached over and put her hand on her thigh. Ally jumped and the SUV swerved into the oncoming lane.

Righting the vehicle and thankful there were no other cars on the road, she heard Hannah chuckle and felt her begin to remove her hand. Ally took a breath and covered the hand with her own, holding it in place for a second, and then moving it back to center.

Hannah’s hand was warm through the fabric of her jeans.  Breathing deeply and slowly to still her racing heart, Ally got them back to the hotel safely.


 As soon as they passed through the door Ally pounced. Already she missed the taste of Hannah’s lips though the drive had only taken them 15 minutes at most.

“Stairs,” Hannah mumbled.

“Yes stairs,” Ally gasped back.

Ally took Hannah’s hand and charged up the staircase. Hannah’s feet barely hit the steps as Ally pulled her along. At the top step each woman went in opposite directions toward her own room. Their arms pulled tight and snapped them back together. Ally giggled as they spun around each other. Hannah took control of the momentum and hit the wall with a sound thump on her own backside, holding Ally firmly against her. When their lips met, Ally could feel how hard Hannah was breathing, and when she left the woman’s lips to devour her neck, she felt Hannah’s pulse racing to the rhythm of her own.

Hannah reached over, turned the doorknob to Ally’s room, and dragged her inside.

Clothes were shed before the door completely closed. Ally thought she might have heard a ripping sound as she pulled Hannah’s shirt over her head, but didn’t care.  By the time they made it across the room to the bed they were already reveling in the feel of each other’s skin. Ally was wrapped leg and arms around Hannah’s hips and shoulders, holding the woman close, nibbling on the same ear that had started this boiling over of desire.

“Ally,” Hannah breathed.

“Mmmm?” Ally hummed.

“Bed,” Hannah ordered.

Ally untangled herself from Hanna, turned, grabbed a handful of sheets and comforter, and flipped the bedding off the end of the bed. As she was still bent over, Hannah took her hips and pressed her down to the mattress with her own body, then straddled her butt and gave it a slap. Ally squeaked, and felt a hand soothe the spot then travel up her side. As Hannah leaned over, Ally felt the brush of the small patch of hair between Hannah’s legs on her own rear.  Ally moaned and tried to turn over only to feel two palms press her shoulders back down.

She resisted until Hannah’s lips were at her ear whispering, “For weeks now you’ve brushed against me.” Hannah rocked her hips slowly and Ally shuddered, “You’ve crept up behind me and spoken into my ear, the action at once both startling and enticing.” Ally felt the weight of Hannah’s breasts rest on either side of her spine, as Hannah continued, “And then you have ducked your head and walked away, leaving me breathless, watching your perfect ass retreat, leaving me nothing but my own devices and the thought of you. All that time alone Ally, touching myself, thinking about the things I want to do to you.”

Ally turned her head, and her eyes widened at the thought of what Hannah was insinuating. The idea of this powerful, sensuous woman touching herself and thinking of her made the younger woman bite her lip. She hadn’t thought about the possibility that she could have so much power of her own. Suddenly Hannah’s weight and touch were gone and Ally turned over, looking for her.

Hannah was sitting on the edge of the bed and when Ally turned, she trailed her fingers down Ally’s thigh.

“It’s your turn,” said Hannah darkly. Ally looked at her, her mind at first a total blank. A smile crept across Hannah’s face as she watched realization dawn in Ally’s eyes.

“Touch myself?” Ally said a little hoarsely.

“Mmm,” Hannah made herself comfortable as she lay down against her. “Fair is fair,” She intoned before licking a single fingertip and running it over Ally’s nipple.

Ally squeezed her eyes shut, her mind working. Hannah being so close and yet only giving her the slightest touch wasn’t enough, she wanted more. “Hannah, I know I was unclear with you, but,” She cut herself off when Hannah pinched the little bud under her fingers. When she got her breath back she pleaded, “But please Hannah, I need you.” She rolled atop the other woman. “I need your touch, I need your taste,” she reached down and pressed a finger into Hannah’s folds, feeling how wet she was. Hannah groaned and her lips parted as Ally brought the finger back to her own mouth. “And you need me too,” Ally closed her eyes and ground her wet center against Hannah’s thigh. “No more games, no more uncertainty. Hannah, please.”

Hannah sat up and took Ally’s face between her palms. Her eyes were lit by an inner fire, “That will not be the last time you beg me tonight.”

Ally smiled and bit her lip again, “I don’t doubt it.”

Hannah rolled her back down to the sheets and kissed her soundly, her tongue flicking over Ally’s lips. Ally pulled the smaller woman down against her, reveling in the feel of Hannah’s skin sliding against her own as Hannah herself moved down to Ally’s breasts. Nibbling one and toying with the other with her free hand, Hannah delighted in the little breaths and squeaks she brought out of Ally.

Moving back up Hannah kissed Ally’s lips then reversed course and kissed her way down across Ally’s chest and abdomen. It was all Hannah could do to hold back. She’d wanted this, to know Ally, to taste her and make her come since they’d met.  She dipped down and spread Ally’s thighs wider and let out an exhale of desire that was cut off as her mouth reached Ally’s center. Hannah pressed into her so hard Ally’s hips shifted and she cried out. Hannah backed off but Ally reached down and pressed Hannah back against herself.

When Hannah complied with more pressure, Ally let out another cry and a low throaty growl. By sliding two fingers inside the younger woman Hannah made her growl louder.  The elder woman moved slow and steady against her partner, and waited.

“Hannah,” Ally breathed, “Please.”

Hannah flicked her tongue over Ally’s clit more rapidly, as she twisted and curled her fingers inside, increasing her pace as Ally’s hips rose to meet each thrust. “No need to call love,” she said, looking back up into Ally’s eyes. “Come.”

Ally’s body let go at the sound of Hannah’s voice. She whined, her body arched, and muscles tensed. Adrenaline burned through her veins and she gasped for air.  Finally, feeling boneless, Ally opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling as Hannah made her way back up her body, still kissing and tasting.

Hannah had already made her feel loved in so many ways with her caring consideration, friendship, trusting her with her secrets, and accepting Ally’s silliness and flaws as part of who she is.  Now they had one more way to show each other how much the other means to her…

When Hannah got back to Ally’s lips the kiss was soft and gentle. Ally wrapped Hannah up with one arm and pulled a blanket over them with the other.

“Don’t fall asleep now,” Ally chided as Hannah snuggled against her neck.

“Oh no love,” Ally felt the smile on Hannah’s lips against her cheek. “We are only getting started.”

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