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Foxings: What am I doing without my shirt at a book store?


Last Wednesday I was invited by MP Johnson to perform at the launch for his new title: Dungeons and Drag Queens. It was a lot of fun, and I have to say, after hearing him read the first three chapters, I’m looking forward to reading the rest! It’s available on Amazon, though they still had a few copies at the hosting bookstore, Common Good Books, if you want to check it out.

I thank him for generously inviting me to perform at his launch. The temptation to simply take the opportunity to strip and frolic in the stacks was overwhelming, but I managed to keep myself under control, and just take off my shirt. 😉 It was interesting doing what I do at a book store though and it got me thinking.

I love sharing my poetry aloud to a crowd, (free rhymes included with every post btw), even though sometimes sharing my poetry makes me feel more exposed and vulnerable than taking my top off. In my poems I’m sharing a part of me that is definitely deeper than my skin, and there is a power within a voice. That’s why I think even when we read silently we still sometimes hear the words inside our minds spoken in a familiar voice.

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