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What’s the Deal With the Sock Puppet?

First, her name is Belle, or Ms. Belle Bottom to you.

That line says a lot about her I should think. But there is so much more.
That line says a lot about her I should think. But there is so much more.

I’m a performer, and artist. I have a lot of ideas going on in my head at any one time. Some of those ideas involve my sock puppet Belle Bottom, and you can watch more than a few videos of us together here:   So what is the story behind the cotton and yarn? Continue reading What’s the Deal With the Sock Puppet?

Visible Bodies

Yesterday I did a photo shoot for A project called Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retold
It is a community project with the goal to ’empower trans people and educate cis gender people’. Some of you know, I haven’t always been comfortable with my gender identity. For a long time I felt I was expected to pick one and go all in, but neither gender fits me very well. Over time I learned that I don’t hate my body, I just hate the role in society that was expected of it. Because of projects like Visible Bodies where trans people can use their own voices and speak their truths, I’ve realized that the difficulty doesn’t lay within me, that the culture itself needs to be reshaped to serve all humanity, including myself, and that made all the difference. With Visible Bodies I can give back and add my voice as a gender queer performer telling my story too. Everyone’s story is unique, and it can not be over stated how much speaking out and being heard as trans, breaking that barrier of invisibility, can heal and strengthen a broken soul, and change the hearts of others.

If you identify as trans, visit their website. If you want to financially help with this project (every $ helps!) so more people can be heard, here is the link to the indiegogo fundraiser.

There are volunteer opportunities too!

Keep your eyes on my FB And Twitter feeds and ‘like’ their FB page for more updates. This is going to be an amazing project!

Epic Con-tent Update: I’ll need your help!

****** Epic Con-tent still limited, but not by time *****

 After a week of going around with Smashwords here is the situation: I can keep Epic Con-tent up, and sell it, BUT they will not include it in their catalogue. That means no one without the link, or who doesn’t go to my author page on their own, will find the story. No Kindle, iBooks or other searches will turn it up. So if you bought it, or haven’t but know someone who might like it, please, pass it on! That’s the only way people looking for this kind of sexiness will find it, the big companies are just too squeamish about the lesbians.

Epic Con-tent cover
Epic Con-tent cover

The link to the story:

The original post with all the kerfluffel:



You Sexy, Dirty Banana – SHUCK ME!

Happy Halloween week! A dirty little something inspired by all the sexy food walking around this year =^_^=


When she dresses up like food, both my loins and taste buds let me know I’m alive.

Oh, Sexy bacon,

You wake me up on a Saturday morning like nothing else can,

I want to lick up your marbling and down

Even though it actually tastes like plastic, and foam,

The hint in my mind makes me moan

Fried pork

Makes me want to squeal.

For real.

As sexy corn she is resplendent

Kernels hugging curves, shining like freshly buttered and salted heaven

Blond hair swooping over her husk like corn silk

And wanting me to take her





Continue reading You Sexy, Dirty Banana – SHUCK ME!

Ahhh – The Final Chapter to the Click, Snap, Ahhh Trilogy NSFW

A little NSFW tidbit for you all to nibble while I’m off on vacation….


If you haven’t read ‘Click’ you can find it here:

And part 2 ‘Snap’ is here



With one last ‘SNAP’ she pulled back and a sly smile parted her lips. The skin on my ass and thighs stung with a throbbing heat.

“That was nice,” I purred.

She feigned offence and waved the riding crop at me, “Just nice?”

I stood and smiled into her eyes, pulling her close. “If you expect me to be able to verbalize anything more than that, you have a pretty low opinion of your own talents.”

I whispered this into her ear and followed the statement with little kisses down her neck until I felt her relax into me. Then I ran my lips across her skin, down each rib, and along her side down to her hip.

“It’s been too long since I tasted you,” I murmured in to the soft fur between her thighs.

“It has been less than thirty minutes,” she responded, sitting down on the spot I had just vacated

“Exactly,” I said, looking up at her as I dragged my tongue up her clit. Her hand was quickly in my hair and she tugged hard. I complied with the unspoken request and sucked harder, taking more of her in and laving my tongue with more force. Her hips began to thrust and I grabbed hold of her, matching my rhythm to hers, sliding down to thrust my tongue inside of her for a moment, then back up to torture that little bundle of nerves. As her voice rose in pitch, I gave her another hard suck, then rolled her clit inside my mouth. She jerked my head away with a painful yank as the spasms ripped through her body.

She was pulling my hair so hard I had tears in my eyes, but I still smiled at her when she finally relaxed and looked down at me. After she released my hair with a little push, I got up and crossed to the end of the bed.

Finding what I was looking for, I held up the strap-on I looked her up and down seriously, “I believe you said you were going to do something with this?”

“Oh yes, I didn’t forget.”

“I want it.”

“Needy boi,” she admonished.

I hung my head, pretending to be contrite, but when she got up and came nearer I nipped at her breast before I knelt to fasten the harness around her. She reached down and fisted her hand in my hair again, waiting to force my head back until I buckled the last strap.

When I finished, she pulled me up and then pushed me back toward the bed, then took her time slipping my dildo in its place in the harness. Grabbing the bottle of lube, she slicked up the silicone before leaning down and pulling me closer to the edge of the bed.

She ran her palms down my sides and between my legs to spread me wide, then slid her dick inside me with out preamble. My head dropped back into the sheets as all the breath left my body.

“No-no,” she said threateningly, nearly pulling out completely. One fingernail ran down my skin, scratching a slender line from my lowest rib to my hipbone. “You look up at me.”

I opened my eyes and looked into hers, begging her with that look, but panting too hard to utter a word.

“Good girl,” she praised and thrust deep into me, pumping me with a hard, slow rhythm.

I whined and submit to her will, quickly feeling the tension as it rose inside me I sat up and clung to her, wrapping my legs around her powerful hips. She grabbed hold and pulled me closer, she felt like she could go on for days, but it wasn’t long before my world stopped and I came harder than I ever have.

I threw my head back with a voice cracking, “Ahhhhh!”

“Good girl,” she whispered into my ear, and held me close.




Quick note

Just a quick note to let you all know I’ve added a button on my homepage where you can sign up for an email when I post an update. I know my updates are sort of haphazardly timed, and I would hate for you all miss a thing! 🙂


More soon!


Smashwords update!

Something steamy for your weekend e-reading!

My new story “Anything” is up for sale on my Smashwords site for your ereader and “Friday” part one of Epic Con-tent is also up as a free preview. Part two, “Saturday”, will be up soon and will include a link to exclusive pictures from the cover shoot!

Anything is here:

And Friday part 1 of Epic Con-tent is here:

Tiny rant

I’m at war with the idea that violence is acceptable but sex is not. That a woman’s body can be used to sell a car or cleaning products, that a man can be beaten bloody for entertainment, and yet pleasure between two people is obscene. That is all.