Epic Con-tent Update: I’ll need your help!

****** Epic Con-tent still limited, but not by time *****

 After a week of going around with Smashwords here is the situation: I can keep Epic Con-tent up, and sell it, BUT they will not include it in their catalogue. That means no one without the link, or who doesn’t go to my author page on their own, will find the story. No Kindle, iBooks or other searches will turn it up. So if you bought it, or haven’t but know someone who might like it, please, pass it on! That’s the only way people looking for this kind of sexiness will find it, the big companies are just too squeamish about the lesbians.

Epic Con-tent cover
Epic Con-tent cover

The link to the story:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/378230

The original post with all the kerfluffel:




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