You Sexy, Dirty Banana – SHUCK ME!

Happy Halloween week! A dirty little something inspired by all the sexy food walking around this year =^_^=


When she dresses up like food, both my loins and taste buds let me know I’m alive.

Oh, Sexy bacon,

You wake me up on a Saturday morning like nothing else can,

I want to lick up your marbling and down

Even though it actually tastes like plastic, and foam,

The hint in my mind makes me moan

Fried pork

Makes me want to squeal.

For real.

As sexy corn she is resplendent

Kernels hugging curves, shining like freshly buttered and salted heaven

Blond hair swooping over her husk like corn silk

And wanting me to take her








I want to serenade that Siracha

As my lips burn for her.

She’s hot as tabasco

And she knows I want

To peel that banana

Cup that cake

Blow that pop

Pork that chop

Ding that dong.

And slurp that can of Campbell’s

chicken noodle soup

That sexy green M&M makes me shiver,

And I want her to quiver,

Because everyone knows the best way to eat an M&M is to suck it for as long as it takes for the chocolate inside to liquefy

Then gently nibble at the thin candy shell until she explodes in your mouth.

She lets me know she’s feeling sassy,

She puts on a flaky crust around a strawberry or apple.

The woman, as a tart,

Truly knows my heart

When she dresses up like food,

I make her feel delicious down to her core,

And every time she makes me feel


Hungry for more

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