My Nerdy Girl

Just a little something silly… 🙂
Courtesy of Bad Grrrl Productions

My Nerdy Girl

She’s got a STEM degree and she’s got her eye on me like I’m new biology

We’ve got chemistry

But it’s her mind for numbers and theory

that make my heart race,

When we’re near,
she whispers postulates in my ear

In any angle my base is hers
Whenever she’s geometrically inclined
She’s my hypotenuse

We can’t lose

She has blinded me with science

Oh Nerdy girl,

She’s my dirty girl

She’s Spicy and salty,

Like bacon dipped in siracha,

Like Reid Mihalko, she’s a sex geek

Who likes to freak between those sheets

And when I say something awkward, like tell her she’s “cute”
She just smiles and whispers …. “reboot”

Cos she likes sci-fi and fantasy too

It’s almost perverse how she can quote any character in the Whedonverse

Badder than Badhorse
Sexier than Dollhouse
But I’ll always remember our first Buffy
Cos she’s my Angel

She’s an unstoppable object and I’m the immovable force

She tells me she wants to raid my tomb
and can bring a little Lara Croft to her craft
She’ll be my pirate, I’ll be her mast
She’ll be my Arwyn, I’ll be her past

We can swap fanfic from any ship
as fore play for days
Whovian, Spartacus, Xena, she knows them all

She’ll ‘ship Wholock with the best
and write Lost Girl femslash with the rest.

She reads everything from George RR Martin
to Bradbury

Dammit Baby, this ain’t no Vogon poetry

Uh…(AN awkward rest)

For her..

I would miss the Doctor Who Christmas special AND a regeneration

But there’s no Time Lord cessation

We can watch an Netflix X-Files marathon,

With no clothes on

Blow through Firefly to Serenity,
Watch the end and cry




And Martin,

are the reasons our relationship has trust issues…


She must have been recruited to psi-corps
Cos its like she’s telepathic
how she knows when to leave me wanting more.
Dying to eject my warp core.

We can play lost Orc in mordor

Or she can ride me like I’m her brony


Even when the story ends, we’re hoping for a prequel or a sequel because like her and I

No one ever dies in scifi

Oh yeah.
Nerdy girl
Talk nerdy to me.

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