Poetry album teaser
Poetry album teaser

A little NSFW BDSM ditty from my upcoming album. You may have seen me perform this at Farrago’s or Kieran’s…


You disrupt me
Corrupt me

Come closer and say my name

It’s just a few pieces of leather,
And metal rings.

It’s just a belt,

But you wear it confidently
Cos you know what it does to me

You tip the balance of my desire
So I can’t hide it anymore

Let me lean against you
and feel muscles tired and sore
Your hands shaking me to my core

It’s just a figure 8 of leather
Looped over through those rings, and then again

But then you take my arms behind my back,
And slip it over my wrists
And you feel me tremble and nip my neck

Pain and pleasure mingling
Into bliss

And your kiss,
Shattering my soul

You know what it takes to make me give up
To give in
And that’s the force as you apply as you slide the leather tight

Hands bound behind straightening my spine
better than any corset or bind.
Because my chest is still uncovered for you to take your pleasure
in my exquisite pain

My distraction
Gaining traction
In my mind and dreams

We seem,
To share the same design –

Bind me to your bed,
Bind me in my mind
Blind me to your ways and
Show me what it is to be

Painfully… kind

Thrill me
As you do what you will with me,
Take me with only your voice
You give me no choice
As you slip inside

And dripping candle wax

Your eyes glittering in the shifting light

As the flame trickles down my body
Leaving patterns on my flesh

That I will secret away for days

Your ways
Will never become routine
For now
In this scene
You make me scream


You disrupted me
Corrupted me
When you came close

When you said my name

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