So many things have happened! I’m still performing in drag and burlesque, and my album is still available for purchase, but I have also been pursuing other performance activities as well. Keep an eye out for future postings regarding my stage combat and other acting experiences, publishing pursuits and the launch of my new non-burly and drag blog!

The album is still here!
Incorrigible & Intimate on iTunes

It’s also on CDBaby.com and Amazon if you’re iTunes averse.

Also, I have my Smashwords.com author page: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/FoxSmoulder. There you can buy some of my stories and download them straight to your e-reader. Keep an eye there, I’ll have a collection of old and new work, (including some saucy, but tasteful pics from one of the cover shoots) soon!

I’m performing more of my sexy poetry and burlesque live too! ‘Like’ or check my Facebook page:


or follow me on Twitter: @Foxsmoulder

So welcome! Lets Fox around! =^x^=

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